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Apple Muesli (20kg)                    (technical sheet at the bottom of this page)

The Apple Muesli is the better recreative feed mixture enriched with dried apple, ensuring a pleasant aroma. The Apple Muesli contains a “Lucerne long fibre” that stimulates chewing and improves the digestion. This mix contains no oat, is no sticky and has a low protein level.

Herbs Fibre Mix (20kg)                              (technical sheet at the bottom of this page)

This special “health mix” is an ideal addition to the daily ration. It contains many ingredients that improve the digestion such as live yeasts, garlic, rosemary, liquorice root, chamomile, thyme, nettle, anise, eucalyptus, fenugreek and fennel. The presence of lucerne fibres extends the absorption time. Thanks to these fibres, this mix is a very good complement to any of our other mixes.

Best of Nature (15kg)                    (technical sheet at the bottom of this page)

“Best of Nature” is primarily suitable for any recreational horse. Besides the good flavour and the nice look, this mix has many nutritional benefits. The puffed cereals are easy to digest and the long fibre lucerne ensure a longer chewing process, causing the nutritional values to be used optimally. Perfect for older horses or horses with bad teeth. Furthermore, this mix is free from oats. This keeps the horses calm. The low sugar content and high vitamin E content are also a plus.

Mash & Herbs (20kg)                    (technical sheet at the bottom of this page)

This easily digestible “health mix” is the perfect addition to the daily ration. Clipped oats, corn and barley flakes, wheat bran, linseed and salts protect the mucosa of the intestinal tract. Thanks to its laxative effect, it protects the horses against colic. Speeds up recovery after heavy physical efforts or illness. Also recommended for older horses with dental problems.

Composition: wheat bran, oats, barley flaked , barley; molasses, flax hulls, corn flaked, pet wheat, leinseed extruded, peas flaked, carrots extruded, spices


Red Fibre (15/kg)             (technical sheet at the bottom of this page)

Red Fibre is the newest mix of its kind. This top mix can be used both as supplemental and as complete feed. The high fibre content of no less than 25% and very low sugar content (free  from molasses) ensure that stomach and intestinal problems now belong to the past. We all have already heard about the benefits of red beet. It is scientifically proven that drinking red beet juice has several positive effects on the human body. Horses too are extremely positively affected when it comes to health. This mix ensures that your horse can benefit from all these positive qualities. To give some examples: Supports the production of red blood cells • Improves fertility • Antioxidants against free radicals • Stimulates intestinal function …

Composition: flax hulls, alfalfa chops, red beet, linseedoil, soj-oil, yeast


Apple MuesliHerbs Fibre MixBest of NatureMash & HerbsRed Fibre
Protein (%)10,510,51110,59,5
Fat (%)353,54,58
Cellulose (%)1412,51310,525,5
Ash (%)7,586710
Sugars and Starch (%)32,733,432,736,112,6
Vitamine A (IE/kg)133002200093501435014600
Vitamine D3 (IE/kg)2550440019002850975
Vitamine E (mg/kg)147300196145287
Biotine (mg/kg)2,070,901,400,30


  • Amino acids
  • Muscle Support
  • Fast recovery
  • Gastro effect
  • Stimulates digestion

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