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Hippoluz / Hippoluz ZERO (without molasses !!!!)
Black oats (25kg)
Barley flakes (18kg)
Corn flakes (18kg)

Alfalfa products


Single products

Not only our combined product ranges but also our wide range of simpel products are available to create your own feed composition. We present you the most common single products that can boost your horses’ energy in combination with D’hooghe vitamins and natural minerals.

Lucerne pellets (25kg)
Toasted linseed(25kg)
Bran (20kg)
Spelt (20kg)


Molassed products

Apart from the high-quality horse mueslis, feed manufacturer D’hooghe also produces various roughages. These low-energy products are ideal to add to the animal’s diet. They are the perfect sources of crude cellulose.

Hippoluz (90 liter)

High-quality long-fibre lucerne, slightly molassed.

  • Calcium Rich
  • Enriched with Lineseed oil
  • Freed from dust
  • Stimulates chewing
  • Extends the eating time
Molassed Flax Chaff (20kg)

Mixture of flax chaff and beet molasses

Molassed oat hulls (25kg)

Mixture of oat hulls and beet molasses

Diverse feeds

Sheep, goats and deer mix (20kg)

Universal mix for growth and maintenance of your sheep/goats/deer. A high-quality, tasty mix of vitamin-rich grains and various flaked cereals. Perfect to give as tasty feed in all seasons.