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Hippoluz is a high-quality lucerne mix with a high nutritional value.
The lucerne is immediately dried after harvesting, and thus maintains all of its qualities.
It is advised that you mix Hippoluz with the muesli’s.
This makes the horse chew harder, prolonging the eating time and stimulating the saliva production.
It also improves the digestion and improves the food intake.

 high-quality lucerne, coarsely chopped in order to maintain the long fibre (for a better intestinal functioning)
 tasty and dust-extracted
 a cocktail of minerals, vitamins and trace elements
 an optimal calcium/phosphorus ratio
 lucerne contains a lot of Bèta-Carotene, which increases, the fertility and other important functions



  • Amino acids
  • Muscle Support
  • Fast recovery
  • Gastro effect
  • Stimulates digestion

Gastro Muscle Fit