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Horse Flox (20kg / Pack)

Very popular barley mix, specially composed for nervous horses with a lot of temperament. This akes mix without oats is very versatile; can be used for recreation up to light sport.

Composition: barley flaked, flax hulls, corn flaked, alfalfa chops, wheat bran, spelt, molasses, pet wheat, soja-oil, linseedoil

Floc (20kg / Pack)

Energetic sport mix, for horses who have to work quite hard. Contains black oats and is enriched with linseed oil. Low in sugar and protein.

Composition: oats, barley flaked, corn flaked, wheat bran, alfalfa chops,  flax hulls, molasses, spelt, soja-oil, linseedoil

5 Cereal Mix (20kg / Pack)

A mix of various cereals, of which a part is heat-treated. This high-quality blend supplies a lot of energy in the form of starch (quick energy). Low in sugar and protein. To be used as a supplement to pellets or other concentrated feeds. (Cereal Mix Special).

Horse FloxFloc 5 Cereal Mix
Protein (%)10.511 10.5
Fat (%)3.54.54
Cellulose (%)1211.5 6
Ash (%)6.56 2.4
Sugars and Starch (%)34.534.2 49.4
VEP832852 x
Vitamine A (IE/kg)1225012000 x
Vitamine D3 (IE/kg)25002400 x
Vitamine E (mg/kg)148161 x
Biotinex0.33 mg x