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Horse Flox (20kg / Pack)                    (technical sheet at the bottom of this page)

Very popular barley mix, specially composed for nervous horses with a lot of temperament. This akes mix without oats is very versatile; can be used for recreation up to light sport.

Composition: barley flaked, flax hulls, corn flaked, alfalfa chops, wheat bran, spelt, molasses, pet wheat, soja-oil, linseedoil


Floc (20kg / Pack)                      (technical sheet at the bottom of this page)

Energetic sport mix, for horses who have to work quite hard. Contains black oats and is enriched with linseed oil. Low in sugar and protein.

Composition: oats, barley flaked, corn flaked, wheat bran, alfalfa chops,  flax hulls, molasses, spelt, soja-oil, linseedoil


5 Cereal Mix (20kg / Pack)                                  (technical sheet at the bottom of this page)

A mix of various cereals, of which a part is heat-treated. This high-quality blend supplies a lot of energy in the form of starch (quick energy). Low in sugar and protein. To be used as a supplement to pellets or other concentrated feeds. (Cereal Mix Special).

Horse FloxFloc 5 Cereal Mix
Protein (%)10.511 10.5
Fat (%)3.54.54
Cellulose (%)1211.5 6
Ash (%)6.56 2.4
Sugars and Starch (%)34.534.2 49.4
VEP832852 x
Vitamine A (IE/kg)1225012000 x
Vitamine D3 (IE/kg)25002400 x
Vitamine E (mg/kg)148161 x
Biotinex0.33 mg x


Hippoluze ZERO