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Opti Basic (25Kg)

Over the years, D’hooghe Paardenvoeders has been profiling itself as provider

of the BEST PRICE/QUALITY RATIO, which is why this feed fits this list
perfectly. We do advise to feed your horses with our OptiBasic pellets in
combination with sufficient roughage, good hay or alfalfa. The latter also
features in our product range under the name Hippoluz and meets the best
requirements that are imposed on roughage for horses. For the sake of the
health of your horses, feed them OptiBasic pellets.

Studies show that the physical properties (i.e. a narrower, harder grain of
4mm) may influence the chewing behaviour of the horse. Measurements
revealed that horses make up to 10 times more chewing movements
compared to when they are given a thicker, softer grain. More chewing =
more saliva + better feed intake = fewer health problems.


Protein (%)12,8
Sugars and Starch (%)24,5
Fat (%)3,2
Cullulose (%)12.61
Ash (%)11,2
Ca  (%)1,46
P  (%)0.59
Na (%)0.38
Vitamine A (IE/kg)12000
Vitamine D3 (IE/kg)1200
Vitamine E (mg/kg)100




  • Amino acids
  • Muscle Support
  • Fast recovery
  • Gastro effect
  • Stimulates digestion

Gastro Muscle Fit