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With horses which endure a lot of stress, the production of vitamin B in the gastro-intestinal tract is reduced. Our Premium line pays extra attention to this phenomenon. Due to the addition of live yeasts (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), the fibres are digested better. The uptake of important nutrients is improved as well.


Gastro Muscle Fit (20kg / Pack)    (technical sheet at the bottom of this page)

Gastro Muscle Fit is designed to support muscle building, formulated with amino acids and supplemented with several key ingredients, with this we help your horse develop a healthy and muscular physique.

Our feed contains high-quality amino acids essential for muscle growth and recovery, while alfalfa fiber stimulates chewing this to support your horse’s digestion. Nabicarbonate is added to support the stomach, while magnesium contributes to muscle relaxation.

In addition, the addition of vitamin E ensures that your horse’s muscles function properly and are protected from oxidative stress. Live yeasts in our diet promote healthy intestinal flora and support healthy digestion. Bicarbonate, magnesium and probiotics to support normal acidity in the stomach.

Finally, our feed contains several types of oligosaccharides, including GOS, MOS and FOS, which contribute to healthy intestinal flora and support your horse’s digestive system.

Composition: alfalfa pellets, barley flakes, corn flakes, alfalfa long fiber, lupin flakes, puffed corn, puffed wheat, soybean meal*, spelt, flaxseed oil, flax husk pellets, short flour pellets, pea flakes, malt germ meal, brewer’s yeast.

*produced with genetically modified soya



Vital Fibre GRAINFREE (15kg / Pack)                (technical sheet at the bottom of this page)

100% Grain free: Mixture for horses that may not have grains. This can have various reasons. Just think of allergies to cereals, an overloaded intestinal system, etc. To keep this feed 100% grain-free, even the vitamin grain is specially designed to contain no traces of grains.

Vitamination: All the necessary vitamins are in it. Also biotin and a B complex.

Molasses free: We have chosen to add this product to the premium line. We didn’t took that decision lightly. An argument to support this is that no molasses has been added, but high-quality linseed oil.
In combination with the fact that it is grain-free, this ensures an extremely low content of sugars and starch: (7.70% !!!), of which 3.5% is sugar and 4.2% is starch.

Energy: Despite the low sugar and starch content, we have succeeded in keeping the energy value of this feed high. Mainly with linseed oil, a natural source of “good” fats that are needed for horses on the move. The energy is released slowly, so you can enjoy a tireless horse all day long.

With the design of this feed we have also given the necessary attention to the good properties of herbs. The following herbs and extracts have been added to promote various natural processes:

Blueberry extract, red raspberry extract, fenugreek, yeast, basil, marjoram, oregano, thyme





Composition: flax chaf, alfalfapellets, alfalfa linseed extruded, caroube, linseedoil, blueberry extract, red raspberry extract, fenugreek, yeast, basil, marjoram, oregano, thyme


Tranquillo (20kg / Pack)                  (technical sheet at the bottom of this page)

To keep your horse calm and stress-free. Some horses are the nervous kind. They are rapidely distracted espessially when they have stress for a race.
With magnesium and free of oats.



Compositionwheat bran, flax chafs, pet wheat, barley flaked, barley, corn flaked, pet corn, molasses, alfalfa chops, maisglutenfeed, sojaoil.


Breeder (20kg / Pack)                    (technical sheet at the bottom of this page)

Foals, young horses, heavily pregnant and lactating mares deserve the best care. This flakes mix, supplemented with live yeasts, is fed to mares as from the last three months of pregnancy until the foal is weaned. For foals, this feed ensures a smooth transition from mare’s milk to solid food. If appropriate, it can be fed from 4 weeks up to 3 years. This mix contains many vitamins, minerals and proteins. The high vitamin C content improves the moisture balance, muscle metabolism, stamina and fertility of your horse. The high content of energy and protein stimulates the milk production.

Composition: barley flake, alfalfa chops, mais flaked, sojabeans, wheat bran, oats, molasses, peas flaked, spelt, pet wheat, soja-oil, linseedoil

Force & Speed (20kg / Pack)                      (technical sheet at the bottom of this page)

An excellent sports feed, with emphasis on short and vigorous efforts. High in energy and low in protein. With live yeast cultures. Contains many black oats.

Composition: barley flaked, corn flaked, wheat bran, oats, alfalfa chops, flax hulls, spelt, peas flaked, pet wheat, soja-oil, linseedoil


Marathon (20kg / Pack)              (technical sheet at the bottom of this page)

A powerful yet safe sports feed, suitable for many disciplines. Contains much “slow” energy thanks to its high fat content (Omega 3 + 6). Limited oats content. Contains yeast cultures and extra vitamins, minerals and long fibre lucerne, for a slower uptake.

Composition: barley flaked, mais flaked, oats chelling, flax hulls, wheat bran, alfalfa chops, oats, spelt, pet wheat, peas flaked, soja-oil, linseedoil


Senior (20kg / Pack)                   (technical sheet at the bottom of this page)

For older horses. Extruded grains for easier chewing and digesting. A lot of energy from good oil.

Composition: barley flakes, wheat bran , extruded wheat, popcorn, flax hulls, alfalfa pellets, corn flakes, peas flakes, extruded carrots, soja oil, molasses, herbs, yeast.


All-in Zoup (20kg)                                       (technical sheet at the bottom of this page)

All-in Zoup – the tasty slop that not only tastes irresistible, but also ensures optimal health for your horse!

With a deliberate approach to low sugar and starch levels, All In Zoup offers a balanced diet that perfectly suits your horse’s needs.

Specially developed with an increased fat content, All In Zoup is also suitable for elderly horses that need extra energy to stay active and at weight.

With extra vitamin E and electrolytes for optimal support during recovery.

Easy to dilute with warm water, this is necessary as the chicory pulp expands.

Composition:Lucerne pellet, flax husk pellet, chicory pulp, linseed, bran, soybean oil*, soybeans*, alfalfa long fiber, carobs, carrot flakes.

*(produced with genetically modified soy)


TranquilloBreederForce & SpeedMarathonSeniorVital Fibre GRAINFREEGastro Muscle FitAll-in Zoup
Crude Protein (%)10.514.510.510.511.510.51512,5
Crude Fat (%)
Crude Fibre (%)128.5111010241221,5
Crude Ash (%)8776.57107.69.6
Sugar and starch (%)35363637356,02710
Vitamine A (IE/kg)1280017400167001670012370140001688512789
Vitamine D3 (IE/kg)2250350033503350810105035222558
Vitamine E (mg/kg)160270263263238205685235
Vitamine B1 (mg/kg)
Vitamine B2 (mg/kg)
Vitamine B6 (mg/kg)
Vitamine B12 (mcg/kg)226252548/25
Vitamine C (IE/kg)1.62221213731.521
Choline Clorid4862460060033764590
Biotin (mcg/kg)1331773166016602704501639


  • Amino acids
  • Muscle Support
  • Fast recovery
  • Gastro effect
  • Stimulates digestion

Gastro Muscle Fit